How To Custom Temporary Tattoo For Your Business

October 24, 2018 Business

How To Custom Temporary Tattoo For Your Business

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Promote your business, attract the spirit of the school, raise funds, and strengthen support for the business; there are plenty of good reasons to get custom temporary tattoos. Choosing a custom temporary tattoo is easy, but hard to order and do.

Fortunately, this article details the five items to remember when ordering a custom temporary tattoo. Each element is simple, and once you have chosen each element, you can achieve a personalized temporary tattoo!

5 things to consider when ordering a custom tattoo:

  1. Previous design.

Since the purpose of creating a custom tattoo is to make an impression, you need to use a logo or symbol that you are familiar with. The use of the company logo is ideal for building a brand, and known symbols are more likely to attract attention and interest.

It’s simple enough; but you can use some changes to make your personalized tattoo more successful:

  • If you operate a website, enter the URL of this website in front of the tattoo with the logo.
  • To promote the cause, use familiar symbols (such as pink ribbons or recycling symbols) and add a person’s name or a meaningful date.

By integrating your website and leveraging a well-known company logo or symbol, you can be sure to make the most of every impression you can get with your custom temporary tattoo.


A little-known fact is that the back of the tattoo can be customized as before. Take this opportunity to include the company’s address, website and social media information. Most promotional temporary tattoos are retained rather than worn. People take them home, throw them at the counter or on the table, or leave them in the office. This will turn your personalized temporary tattoo into a business card, but it stands out.

Information contained on the back of the tattoo:

  • The name of your company or organization
  • Website URL
  • Facebook and Twitter information
  • Promotional code or special offers
  1. Size

The most popular custom temporary tattoo size is 2″x2″. It is small enough to be easy to apply and use, but large enough to hold contact information on the back. In addition, this is the correct size of the wallet or wallet pocket for easy transportation to your home or office.

  1. White effect

When printing a temporary tattoo, there are 3 white ink options: no white, no white spots and white drowning.

  • No white: Any area of ​​the colorless pattern will be printed without ink so that the skin can be seen through these areas.
  • White point: Any area of ​​the colorless pattern will be printed in white ink to display white ink instead of skin in these areas.
  • Submerged white: White ink will print under the entire tattoo, and once transferred to the skin, the color will become lighter because the white layer will make the image more opaque.

Choosing a white effect for your custom tattoo depends on your goal. Do you want to apply the tattoo to your skin or save it as a promotional product? For the latter, you will want to use white dots or not white, as it will look better on tattoo paper. If the tattoo looks better when used, you must choose the submerged white, because although the tattoo appears “milk-white” on paper, it looks great on the skin. Usually, for the purpose of promoting tattoos, no white or pointed white is selected.

  1. Quantity

Finally, you must determine the amount to order. Ordering premium tattoos printed on a press by screen printing means that the minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces due to machine configuration. As with everything, the more orders, the lower the cost of each tattoo. Most companies offer 5,000, 10,000, etc. Typically, 1000 custom temporary tattoos will cost about $90.

So you have it! Five elements to consider when ordering a custom temporary tattoo: front and back design, size, white effect and quantity. Personalized temporary tattoos like henna tattoo kits are one of the most economical and unique promotional products. The description of these elements also facilitates the order. Come today!