What Are The Features And Functions Of Luxury Watches?

August 30, 2018 Business

What Are The Features And Functions Of Luxury Watches?

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The type of movement is also to be considered. If you are looking for great precision, with a watch that does not take more than a few seconds in advance or delay per year, you will need to move towards a quartz movement . In addition, this one, working battery, will ask you little maintenance. If, on the contrary, a few minutes late or advance per month do not bother you, the doors of the world of mechanical watches are wide open. It must be known that mechanical movements , the fruit of a century-old know-how and tradition, are widely preferred by connoisseurs and enthusiasts; this may be essential in case of resale.

Among mechanical watches, you can then refer you to the manual winding watches or to those with automatic winding . The former will ask you for a regular winding (often daily, depending on the power reserve) that is part of their charm, while the seconds will automatically go up with the movements of the wrist. Note also that depending on the desired style of watch, the choice will be more or less wide. It is more difficult for example to find a hand-wound diving watch than a classic watch using this type of movement …

Some Useful Functions

Some of the additional functions offered in luxury watches have a real use (the date for example) but this is not always the case. It does not matter, it is not a question here of making only rational choices. When choosing your watch, you will need to ask what are the essential functions for you, either because they are useful to you, or because they please you or even fascinate you. As you have probably already seen, the possibilities are endless … It should be noted that the more a watch has functions or complications the more it can be cumbersome, tedious to regulate and above all, the more its price may be high.

Are Luxury watches adapted to your budget?

We could have started there as the budget determines the width of the choice, but it is often natural that we look only watches that we can afford. However, we must take into account the fact that some models that seem to you inaccessible in nine will be able to return in your budget in occasion. The second-hand market does not only offer vintage watches but also recent occasions that often have the advantage of being under manufacturer’s warranty.There are also financing solutions or alternative solutions, such as leasing or renting. If owning a watch is less important to you than wearing it and changing it often, these solutions may be of interest.

Concluding Thoughts

Let us end by a criterion that is not yet automatically taken into account when buying a watch: the choice of the dealer (or the merchant, if it is a second-hand watch). It is however decisive for your acquisition to be a real satisfaction, as much by the final choice of the watch as by experience.

For a store that has “storefront” , the ease of access, the reception, the quality of the advice or the range are all points that will allow you to make a “good” purchase. If you have the opportunity to try several watches, if you are comfortable enough to take the time to think, even if you want to come back several times to try the same or different watches, your final choice will be better. . And if you are completely satisfied with your purchase, there is no doubt that you recommend the shop to your friends and that you go back there yourself for your revisions or your next purchase.